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It's 2017 and the online world is certainly how money is being made in this modern age.  One of the main industries we know that has NOT embraced shopping online is the world of industrial distribution.  Why?  Perhaps it seems like an overwhelming task bringing all your supplier lines into one single shopping experience.

How many suppliers do you have and would want to represent on your storefront?  Five, maybe ten of your top suppliers?.  Each one has several thousand products right?

Davasol Inc specializes in getting those thousands of products online on YOUR store.  What do we need to do that?  Simply a dump of your products from your business system.  We'll take it from there.

We have libraries of product data from many industrial manufacturers and if we don't have yours for some reason, we will get it.

The biggest reason we can see for you not having done this yet, is not knowing where to start.  Davasol knows YOUR business.  Leave it to us and we'll get it done.

At Davasol we know what you do and how you do it.  We also know how to present your brand and your products and services to your existing and future customers.

Download the product template here to see what we need to get started. This file will download immediately to your "downloads" folder.

Check out the Davasol,Demo store below

Website Images

Have some images you found? Are they honestly suitable for your site?

Davasol staff utilize real software programs to ensure that all of the services we offer reflect in what we want your brand to be....professional.

We don't use "free" software to manipulate images.  We use software designed specifically to do what we need it do.

All product images will be edited to offer a transparent or white back ground which of course is what you need for an online store.  Don't forget in a lot of cases the customers confirm what they want by seeing the image before they buy.

See the before and after image below.  Click on it to get a higher resolution pop up in a new browser tab.  The same image before and after, if you will.

The "after" image is what you'll have on your website. Clean and professional.

image manipulation or editing example

Responsive Designs

You've heard of it but what exactly is it?

Mobile friendly is the more commonly used term to describe an online store that literally resizes itself to ensure that the site can be read on all types of devices and screen sizes.

All Davasol sites are coded in HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure that your site is fully responsive on all screen sizes.

This doesn't mean it gets smaller on a small screen.  It means it reconfigures to SUIT the device the website is being viewed on.

Responsive Website Design

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

You've heard of it but what exactly is it?

Optimization means that all content on your store is OPTIMIZED so that it is relevant to search engines such as Google.  Just because YOU see it on your site doesn't mean that the search engine sees it.

Your online store is the future of your business.  Don't think so?  Who is your biggest competitor?  Big Box Distributors right?  Do they have an online store?  Yes, of course they do.  Selling at list and even above list price.....all day and night.

EVERY single one of your products will have it's own dedicated web-page with it's own image, description, data file PDF link (with watermark branding of YOUR firm of course) and your suggested online price.

serach engine optimization for industrial distribution websites.

Customer Customization

What do you think that means?

We all know that no two customers are alike so why should they be treated the same on your store?

The Davasol e-commerce platforms enables you to offer your account holders different discounts from the advertised list price be it 10%, 15% or whatever you have agreed.

Quantity Breaks
Do you offer better pricing if your customers buy in bulk?  I'm sure you do and the store can replicate the same.
1-10     $18.50 each
11-50   $16.50 each

You're familiar with this and your customers are as well which is why they expect this on your e-commerce store.

Coupon Codes
Your customers are becoming younger and younger than you.  Its a sad tale of truth.  Customer today expect familiarity with you store.  No point having a store that you have to train your customer on how to use it.

Features like Coupon Codes are a common promotional feature of many online shopping environments and your store from Davasol offers the same. Don't forget we know your business and we know where it should be going.


Quotation Module

The unique Davasol quotation module allows store owners to set all of their sales people up to enable them to to send quotations to customers directly from their own e-commerce platform.

This allows your customers to simply click on the link within the quotation and place their order immediately. Easy to buy makes your product easy to sell. Check out this video below to see how the Quotation Module works for you and your team.

Check our work portfolio

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