E-Commerce - Presentation


Did you know that for every product page you have an individual web page? Do you know what that means? If you have a supplier part number such as ACME 123GF then the page title of the web page will be ACM 123FG | Hydraulic Control Valve.

Therefore if someone "googles" ACME 123FG you are going to be very very high, if not first on Google, then very close. Unless there are many many other websites with the same page title. But are there? Probably not. And you didn't have to pay for advertising. Imagine if we load 20,000 part numbers from your supplier onto your store? Who do you think will be found on Google, Bing, Yahoo and everywhere else when looking for specific part numbers? You.

Your competitors have a website. You have a website. But you can have a 20,000, 50,0000 or 100,000 page e-commerce store. Get it found and get it sold!

Download the product template here to see what we need to get started. This file will download immediately to your "downloads" folder.